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Tuesday Top 10: Songs With Rock/Metal in the Title

Any fan of rock or metal music will definitely not let you forget that fact. We dress exclusively in band shirts, will always be found listening to our favorite bands on the cheapest pair of headphones no matter the situation, and are never afraid to stroke our own ego with our exceptional rock/metal trivia. We love the feeling of announcing to the world that we are metalheads; we are rockers! The bands we listen to usually follow suit. Some of the greatest rock anthems are songs that scream rock n' roll. There are many songs that mention rock or metal in them. These songs are cherished by fans and are usually used in bands' live sets to pump up the crowd and carry the theme that we are metalheads and we love our music.

So, without further ado, here is the Top 10 songs with rock or metal in the title.

NOTE: The songs listed contain the word "metal" in their title, not actual metals. There are thousands of pop and rap songs with the metal "gold" in the title, so unfortunately for you rap fans there will be no mention of "Gold Everything" by Trinidad James.

Honorable Mentions:

What list of this caliber would be complete without the true defenders of the metal faith, Judas Priest. The British Heavy Metal band have cornered the market for metal anthems. They self-proclaimed themselves "Metal Gods" with their 1980 song of the same name, and it stuck well on them. They came back later in 1988 with another metal anthem, simply titled "Heavy Metal." These two songs are excellent and demonstrate the full capabilities of this band in their peak. Judas Priest are the metal gods and that fact should not be forgotten, but unfortunately their two brilliant songs miss the cut on this list.

10. Great White - Rock Me - Once Bitten (1987)

There are very few albums that I cherish as much as Great White's Once Bitten, except of course Great White's amazing underrated eponymous debut album from 1984. The Once Bitten album features probably the best ballad Great White ever did. It's an amazing classic and is well deserving of being number 10 on this list.

9. Anvil - Metal on Metal - Metal on Metal (1982)

This is one of those classic metal anthems that sadly gets no air play on radio stations. The lyrics, albeit cheesy, feature that typical 80s feel of "yeah we are metal!" Anvil have been spokesmen for the metal name for years. They have ran into some bad luck over the years, but should be featured in any metalhead's playlist.

8. Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock - Stay Hungry (1984)

That cheesy 80s sound mentioned in the last entry is splurged all over this 1984 hit. Twisted Sister saw their greatest commercial success with the Stay Hungry album. This song, along with the rebellious "We're Not Gonna Take It," are Sister's most well-known songs and are forged into the minds of headbangers everywhere.

7. Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - Strong Arm of the Law (1980)

Saxon are another one of those purveyors of metal that just loves showing their metal pride. Hell, they even have an album named Denim and Leather. The song "Heavy Metal Thunder" is one of the best songs Saxon has and is full of thunderous energy the entire way, just like your typical Saxon album.

6. Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

Nothing says "rock n' roll" like Led Zeppelin, and naturally they wrote a few songs on the subject. The late John Bonham laid down some of his best percussion work on this song and perfectly displayed why he is regarded as one of hard rock's best drummers of all-time. On a personal note, I have always enjoyed this song because my high school Government teacher who referred to me as the rocker kid used to see me and say the opening line to me when he would see me in class.

5. Helix - Heavy Metal Love - No Rest for the Wicked (1983)

This was the first Helix song that my ears ever had the bestowed privilege of hearing, and it had me sold on the Canadian rockers from the first take. It is an excellent song that has been said to be a tribute to Joan Jett.
Fun fact:
When singing the song, I change the lyric "I like her caress of steel" to "I don't like Caress of Steel" as a reference to the 1975 Rush album of the same name, that is arguably their worst album. It's still a good album though!

4. Quiet Riot - Metal Health - Metal Health (1983)

This is probably the best metal anthem of all-time. The late vocalist Kevin DuBrow delivers his best vocal performance on this five-minute thriller. Quiet Riot cornered the market back in the mid-1980s with their string of hits, most of them coming on this album. Why does this song fall so low on this list if it is so amazing? Just wait and see what the next three are!

3. Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane - Love at First Sting (1984)

The German legends laid down their most popular song to date with this 1984 hit. The opening chords blasted by the twin-guitar attack of Matthias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker are some of the most recognizable in rock music. The song sends chills down my spine every time I put it on the record and hear it blare out my speakers. However, this is far from their best song. I encourage all humans to check out every Scorpions album from Virgin Killer(1976) to Face the Heat(1993), and if you like what you hear take a spin at their earlier and later albums, they are all masterpieces!

2. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Love Rock N' Roll - I Love Rock N' Roll (1981)

This list would pretty much be incomplete if this song did not find its way on it. Joan Jett's cover of The Arrows 1975 single turned into a smash hit. Everyone from your dog to my grandma have heard this one. It is a kickass song that describes the feeling that all of us have inside us, that yes I do love rock n' roll!

1. Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania - The Nightcomers (1981)

This song is obviously the inspiration for the name of this blog and my radio show, so it is a biased choice for number one. It is not the greatest song ever written, but it is still an awesome song in its own right. The opening guitar riff is one of the finest of the NWOBHM era and the lyrics are as true as you can get. "I've got Heavy Metal music in my blood / And I'd like to get it too you if I could." Maybe not the best lyrics around, but they work for the mood and atmosphere that is set by this awesome song. "Heavy Metal Mania" is a clear recipient of the number one spot on this list!

Is this list a sell-out? Do you know 10 better songs with rock/metal in the title that are better than any of the ones I listed? If so, leave a comment and stay tuned for the next post on Heavy Metal Mania!


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